22mm Race Carby
Mikuni 22mm Racing Carburator
Spark Plug Cap
Resistor Spark Plug Cap
Racing crank .
Racing Crank 52 Stroke for CDI engines, complete with bearings and sprocket
Racing crank
Racing Crank 52 Stroke for Points Type Engines complete with bearings and sprocket
XR50 and Z50R
XR50 and Z50R 1982 thru 2003 Alloy 85cc Special. This Alloy Cylinder is to be used with Stock Head Fitted.
88cc Cylinder Kit
88CC Cylinder Kit all 70CC Engines from 1969-1981. This Alloy cylinder kit is to be used with stock head fit to 70CC engine pre 81 CT70, SL70 and XL70
88CC Cylinder Kit
XR70 All Years CT70 82 to 94 Passport C70 88 CC Cylinder Kit
Old 70 Ultra
Old 70 Ultra Head Bearing Type
Valve Cap
Valve Cap Alloy Set with Cooling Vins
Power Cam
Power Cam-Mild race Type (76Q)
Power Cam
Bearing Type Power Cam-Mild Race
Ultra Race Cam
Ultra Race Cam-Bearing Type for Modified Engines
Valve Springs
Heavy Duty Valve Springs For all Cylinder Head Type
041 Short 39mm 49CC
041 Short 39mm 49CC
041 Short 47mm 72CC
041Short 47mm 72CC
GK4 Long
GK4 Long 52mm 88CC/110CC . This piston suits 88CC Special Alloy
GK4 Long
GK4 Long 54mm 95CC/120CC. This piston suits 95CC Kahuna Kit
Oil Seal
Oil Seal set with O-Rings for Stator
Old Short
Old 70 Short 47/47.25/47.50/47.75/48MM 72CC
Old 70 Short
Old 70 Short 51MM 85CC/107CC
Old 70 Short
Old 70 Short 52MM 88CC/110CC. To be used with old CT70 and SL70 Engines pre 80 with Original Head
Old 70 Short
Old 70 Short 54MM 95CC/120CC
Old 70 or GB5
Old 70 or GB5 Long 51MM/52MM 85CC/107CC/88CC/110CC
Odl 70 or GB5
Old 70 or GB5 Long 54MM 95CC/120CC
52MM 88CC Alloy
52MM 88CC Alloy
54MM 95CC Alloy
54MM 95CC Alloy
Top End Gaskets
Top End Gaskets 39MM to 52MM Pick your Bore Size
kick Start Spindle
50 and 70 Kick Start Spindle for 93 and newer
Manual Clutch Kit
Manual clutch Kit double disc see Applications. Will convert all auto clutch engines and replace brocken manual clutch engines.
Clutch Disk Set
Clutch Disk Set CT70H & HK1 Z50_76 to 87
Heavy Duty Clutch
Heavy Duty clutch Spring set for manual clutch
Heavy Duty Clutch Spring Set
Heavy Duty Clutch Spring Set for Semi Clutch 3 Bolt Type (old style)
Heavy Duty clutch Spring Set
Heavy Duty Clutch Spring Set for Semi Clutch 4 Bolt Type (new type) 94 and up
XR Mini Grips

Brake Shoes
Brake Shoes to suit XR80, 1979-84, CT110,1979-83 $18.50 Brake Shoes to suit QA50, SL70, XR75 $18.50 Brake Shoes to suit XR80,XR100, XR70 all $28.00 Brake shoes to suit QR50 $18.50
Kick Start Lever
Kick Start Lever to suit XR50 and Z50
Kick Starter
Kick Starter to suit SL70,CT70
Kick Start Lever
Kick Start Lever to suit XR80 and XR100
XR Left Hand Clutch Assy

XR Right Hand Brake Assy

Carburetor Reco Kit to suit Z50R,SL70,XR75,KO-K3,XR75 K4and K5 and XR80 all

Rod Kits to suit Z50R, SL70,CT70

Reconditioned Head to suit All XR75 KO-K3
$200.00 changeover

This Head suits 88cc big bore kit. Head has been ported and heavy duty valve springs installed.
$220.00 changeover

RD Heavy Duty Racing Valve Springs to suit XR75,XR80 and XR100

Cluch Plates to suit XR75,XR80 and XR100
$12.95 each
Ignition coil
Ignition Coil 6V point type to suit XR75,XR80,XR100,SL70 and CT70
Rear Sprocket to suit XR70. Choose size. 36, 37,46,47,49,51 teeth. XR80 from 1985-2003. choose size. 36,37,47,49,51 teeth
36-$26.95, 37-$26.95, 46-$28.95,47-$31.95, 49-$31.95, 51-$36.95
Rear Sprocket
Rear Sprocket to suit SL70, CT70, XR75 all, XR80 to 1984. Choose Size. 35, 44, 46, 48
35$31.00, 44$34.00, 46$35.50, 48$36.95
CDI Ignition Coil
CDI Coil-Ignition coil to suit XR50, XR70, XR80 and XR100
Rear Break Light Switch
Rear Break Light Switch to suit CT70, SL70, ST90 and XL75..
Kill Switch
Kill Switch to suit XR70, XR80 and XR100
Front Sprocket
Front sprocket to suit XR70 2000-2003, XR50 2000-03. Choose size. 14,15,16
14,15t $14.95, 16t$19.80
Exhaust Valves
Exhause valves to suit all XR75, XR80 and XR100
Intake valve
Intake Valve to suit all XR75, XR80 and XR100
Exhaust Valve
Exhaust Valve to suit all CT70 and SL70
Intake Valve
Intake Valve to suit CT70 and SL70
Intake Valve
Intake Valve to suit all Z50 and Z50J
Exhaust Valve
Exhaust Valve to zuit Z50 and Z50J

Intake t Valves coming soon for Z50R

Gear Lever Rubbers
Gear Lever Rubbers to suit CT70, SL70, Z50, XR75 and XR80
Kill Switch
Kill Switch to suit XR80 and XR100
Front Sprocket
Front Sprcket to suit SL70, CT70, XR75 all, XR80 all, XR70 to 1999, and Z50 all. Please choose teeth size 12,13,14,15 to suit.
Tapper Head Set Bearings
High Quality Japanese bearings To suit all Z50, XR50, XR70, XR75, XR80, XR100, CT70 and SL70

To fit all models X50, SL70, CT70, XR75, XR80, XR100 with Points Ignition
Spark Plugs
C6HSA, Z-6 Suit all models Z50, XR50, SL,CT and XR70, XR75, XR80 and XR100, U22FS ZU Platinum Tipped Race plug suit Hi Comp Race Engines all Models, IUF22 for super performance race engines on race fuels
Z-6 $3.00, C6HSA $4.00, Denso U22FS ZU $17.95, Denso IUF22 Iridium $22.95
Condensor for all 6V point Models and replaces condensor on stator plate

Gaskets Full and Top end to suit all Models inc Big Bores
Price on Application
275x10 rear 250x10 front
Millville Directional Moto Tyre Just like its big brothers. Intermediate and soft compound. Tyres to suit all models
Front $30.95 Rear $42.50

XR50 CRF Rear Sprocket
Rear Sprocket in 820 Alloy
XR75 K,K5 and XR80 79-93 Mod
XR75 k4,K5 and XR80 79-83 mod Rear Fenders in Tahitian Red (plastic only)
Uni Filter Angled
Uni Filter to suit 20mm Carby $26.95 Uni Filter to suit 25mm carby $27.95

Uni Filter Straight
Uni Filter 29>33x100m $20.95 Uni Filter 22mm and 25mm $23.50

Extreme Mini Taper Bars and Clamp Set to suit Hydro Fork with Bar Clamp Extenders. Bar clamp extenders can be adjusted for high prefrence
Bars $130.95 Clamps $55.95

To suit Desert Bike Handlebar clamps
Bars $130.95 clamps $55.95
Uni Filter
Replaces cone filter on Desert Bike
Rear Sprocket
Rear Sprocket in 820 Alloy
Front Sprocket
Front Sprocket 15tooth

Auto Spring loaded, fully adjustable chain tensioner allows chain to be at constant tension at any swing arm angle
275x10R and 250x10F
Millville Directional Moto Tyres just like its big brothers. Intermediate and soft compound tyres to suit all models
$30.95F and $42.50R
Iridium Race Plugs
Iridium Race Plugs require lower voltage for improved firing performance at higher RPM ranges
Iridium Race Plugs
Iridium Race Plugs require lower voltage for improved firing performance at higher RPM ranges
Platinum Race Plug
Platinum Race Plug improved life and performance over standard plug at extreme race conditions
Desert Bike
Replacement chain adjusters for Desert Bike when originals bend
$11.50 each

Can be fitted to any top triple clamp. Can also be adapted to taper bar clamps
Valve Caps
Valve Caps Alloy Set with Cooling Vins

High Quality Alloy Steel 32T sprocket for Desert Bike Plated in Gold Pasophate

This Big Port Big Valve Head is designed to take the Ultra Big Cam. Bolt on 3.5HP with some Carby mods and blitz the competion

Collapsed or buckled wheel? No more. This is a heavy duty 3mm diameter spocked wheel, designed for ramp and trick jumping

Alloy Fuel Caps for Desert Bikes Fully polished

Alloy Gas caps unpolished
Gas Oil Reservoir Adaption
Turns emoltion shock into full oil shock. Smoothes out dampening and rebound. Fitted to existing shocker. Price on Application if not fitted by us
$198.00 Fitted

Desert Bike Brake hose to suit high rise bars like pro taper tag and extreme taper bars
Pro Taper Bars can be fitted to XR and CRF standard top triple clamp with bar extenders. Cost effective alternative to fast fity bar assembly.

Billet Foot Peg Assy to suit XR50

Fork air caps makes your front suspension pre load fully adjustable by adding air pressure. Your own weight is no longer a factor.
$93.50 a pair

As close to O.M.E. as you can get including Honda Stencil at rear of cover

Adjust your own suspension to suit track condition. Rebound and compression can be altered by increasing or releasing pressure in both front and rear suspension.

Anodized alloy bar ends in many colours. Bling your bike to suit
and Dip Stick
Accurate liquid filled face oil temp gauge. Guard your engine against failure. NO TEMP NO OIL. or over TEMP. STOP, CHECK and guard against SEIZURE.

Replacement Fuel Tank for all XR50 and CRF50

Cam cover plate fitted with oil despertion fitting for oil cooler application
Cam cover plate fitted with oil despertion fitting for oil cooler application.
Heavy duty barnett clutch springs for all XR75 80s and 100

12 inch front wheel to suit all Desert Bikes. 12 inch rear wheel to suit all Desert bikes
Front$211.95 Back$268.00
CT70 SL70 Z50J and R XR75 and 80s
Replacement stator coil for all points model Honda Engines XR75 and 80 CT70 SL70 Z50J Z50R and etc

Replacement flywheel and stator plate assy for all CT70 SL70 Z50R Z50J Motors Added bonus advance and retard flywheel

Removing your starter motor from engine. Plate off existing hole where starter motor was
Rear Shock
This kit fits all desert, pitboss and thumpstar rear shocker. High impact, long wearing nylothane bushes and bump stop replaces inadequate rubber ones.

Colours available are green, blue, gold, red and copper orange

Colours available are green, blue, gold, red and copper orange

Alloy Vent valve for fuel caps. Comes in polished alloy and anodised. Red Blue Green Purple copper orange gold
$16.95 Alloy $19.95 Anodised

Alloy vent valves for Fuel Caps. Comes in polished alloy and anodised. Red Blue Green Purple Copper Orange Gold
$16.95 Alloy $19.95 Anodised

These dip sticks come in billet alloy or anodised in green red copper orange blue gold and purple
$21.50 Alloy $24.50 Anodised

Dip Stick comes in billet alloy or anodised in green blue red copper orange purple and gold
$21.50 Alloy $24.50 Anodised

Big 50 Honda XR75 80 and 100 change over race cams
$285.00 changeover

Anodised vent valves for fuel caps. Colours are Red Orange Purple Green Copper Blue
Ultra Cam
This quality billet ground Ultra Racing Cam for Desert and Thumpstar bikes fitted with FY110 Engines
Z40 Super Ultra Race Cam
This Billet ground race Cam is the wildest Cam you can run in Ultra Heads with Titanium Alloy valve spring it has a wopping 6.9mm lift and max duration.
Super Ultra Race Cam
This Billet ground Race Cam is the Wildest CAm you can run in Ultra Heads with Titanium Alloy Valve Springs. It has a wopping 6.9mm lift and max duration.

This carby suits 88cc big bores with Ultra Heads and big cams

CT70 Exhaust Protector
Ultra Monster Cam
for Non Roller Cam. This cam suits old style heads like Z50J and R, SL and CT70 and has a valve lift of 6.3mm with long durations

Now you can adjust your own tappets like a pro with easy to use feeler gauge
Heavy Duty Alloy Bash Plate
Fits all models and capacity engine. Comes in anodised Red, Gold and Alloy
Heavy Duty Bash Plate
Fits all models and capacity engines. Comes in Anodised Red, Gold and Alloy
Platinum Race Plug
Platinum Race Plug improved life and performance over standard plug at extreme race conditions

Heavy Duty chain guide. Comes in gold or black

Z50 J or R engine with points ignition. Big valve head. 88cc with high comp 11.5 to 1 piston. Mini monster cam with 20mm carby 3 spd down shift gearbox. All parts new in top end.
$1050.00 out right or $900 change over
ASV Style Folding Levers
ASV Style Folding levers to suit all Thumpstars, Moto and Provert, Cini Worx and other brand Chinese Pit Bikes
Bike Stand
Fully Alloy mini bike stand. Comes with drip tray and solid rubber top. Colours blue, black,polished and gold
Lifan Performance Head
Lifan performance head to suit Honda config cams with STD Valve Springs. With performance Valve Springs $335.00 change over.
$250.00 change over.
Fast Ace Up Side Down Forks
Face Ace USD forks with rebound and compression adjustment. Suit Provert or Motovert style wheels and calipers.
Forever Lever
Made from High Quality US drop drop forged alloy. Lever has a unique dislocating mechanism when dropped and clicks back into position.
Polished or Black now at $90.00

Hi Comp Race Pistons. Now available for Jayling engines to suit STD bore. Has oil grooves around thrust area of piston.
20mm Carb Great For Big Bore 50\'s and 70\'s
Oil Pump 270%
Oil Pump 270% Compaired to Stock All 50\'s and 70\'s 1982 and newer
Oil Pump 270%
Oil Pump 270% Compaired to Stock-Fits All 50's and 70's 81 and Older
Rocker Arm Set
Rocker Arm Set (2) all 50's and 70's
Rocker Arm Pins
Rocker Arm Pins (2) all 50's 70's and TRX 90's
Timing Sprocket
Timing Sprocket 50's and 70's
Kick Start Shaft
Kick Start Shaft 50\'s and 70\'s (stock 3 and 4 speeds thru 1992)
Clutch Disc Set
Clutch Disk Set 3 Parts Fibre 50's 70's
Left Head Cover
Left Head Cover for New Type Head's

Brake Rod Wingnuts to suit all models of XR's

Brake Barrel to suit all models XR\'s
Big Bore Kits
Lifan Bore Kits include head gasket, piston and pin kit and bored cylinder on a change over basis. Available in 132cc, 138cc, 147cc and 151cc with stroker crank. All prices on application. These are all racing pistons and vary in high comp ratios.

Big Bore Kits Jailing
Lifan Bore Kits include head gasket, piston and pin kit and bored cylinder on a change over basis. Available in 133cc, 135cc and 140cc. All prices on application. These are all racing pistons and vary in high comp ratios

Mikuni 28mm Flat Slide Style Carby
Best suited for Big Bore High Performance Engines where top end revs are reached quickly.
Mikuni 24mm Flat Slide Style Carby
Delivers more Mid to Top end power for 110 to 125cc 4 stroke motors.
Jailing Monster Head Conversion 137cc
This kit allows the jailing engine to be converted to run the monster Big Valve Head in conjunction with a high comp twin ring racing piston.
$ P.O.A. Depending on cam and head port configuration.
Carbon Fibre Mufflers
Carbon Fibre Race Mufflers with titanium alloy ends. Suit most mini pit bikes with 28mm primary pipe. Comes wih removable silencer in exhaust tips. Much quieter than most alloy cams and a moderate increase in power. Now Available. Whole Sale enquiries welcome. (Muffler fitted to Motovert Expert see Racebikes) for pics
Super Stroker Crank
Jailing Super Stroker Crank 60mm stroker. Makes standard 125 Jailing engine 130cc. Stroke your godzilla outlaw engine and get 148cc. Comes ready to install.
Change over $215.00
Jailing Super Cam
This cam fits all jailing engines 110 and 125. It requires no Head and Valve Spring modification. Gives good mid range power and allows the engine to rev.
Mounting hardware
Mounting hardware for Carbon Fibre muffler to suit most Chinese exhausts. Trade enquiries welcome.
Race Engine
Big 50 Racing Engines built to customer specifications. From mild 125 stock class engine to full on 170cc big valve balanced stroker cranks, super comp engines with 28mm flat slide carbys. Engines can be based on Jailing or Lifan brands, with many variations and combinations. Email or ring for a quote.

Valve Caps
Assorted billet valve caps in various colours and shapes.
$6.95 a pair.
High voltage Racing INC Coils
Increases spark accuracy and intensity at high R.P.M. Allow quicker burn time which will increase max H.P.
Carby & Manifold Kit
Genuine PE26 Keihin Carby and manifold kit for big bore engines.
28mm Carby Kit
28mm Mikuni Flat Slide and manifold kit to suit super big bore engines.
140cc Big Bore Kit
This is a 140cc Big Bore out law kit to suit jailing motor. New cylinder, piston ring set, big valve head and 1/2 race cam. 1 off Kit
Jailing Big Bore Super Kit
136cc Alloy bore. Super Hi comp 2 ring racing piston, New complete monster Head, Monster cam to suit head. Will deliver very good mid range power torque.
Digital CDI Unit.
Super Battle Racing Semi Digital CDI Unit. Has 6 pre programmed advancing settings for Hi Performance engines. Will suit Honda and Chinese wiring looms with link cable adaptor.
Forged Lever
Japanese Droped Forged Chromed fold out kick start lever. Will suit all Honda, Lifan ,Jailing and etc engines. Built to clear foot pegs and brake levers.
outlaw 150cc
Turn your Motovert Out Law engine 140cc into a super out law 150cc with Big50s change over crank.
$215.00 change over or $315.00 out right
Lifan 140cc Big Bore Kit
Makes engine Hi Comp 150cc. Also available ported race heads $250.00 change over.
$245.00 change over (cylinder)
Lifan 140cc Race Cam
Now available from Mild to Massive lifts and durations. Contact us for price and applications.

Jialing 160cc Race Kit.
Comes complete with race cam, big valve head 24/28, 60mm race piston.
New Digital Rotor Kit
New Digital Ignition Rotor System now available. Suit all chinese engines. Based on Honda crank spindle including CDI honda engines. Now you are able to get the full benefits of your mechanical inhancements with this ignition system. 4 performance maps are programmed onto a powerful CPU which can be simply selected by flicking a switch. Other super hi performance maps are available or your own maps can be provided if required. Technical information provided by BIG50 Race and Retro Parts Australia.
Motovert 150cc
Motovert 150cc Hi Performance Engines based on KLX configuration. Now available.
POA depending on modification
Race Exhaust
CT70 DAX race exhaust. Suits all model CT70s including all chinese powered DAX bikes.
Earls Oil Cooler
Earls oil cooler 7 row. Made in USA. 125mm x 50mm x 50mm cooling area very efficient for high performance engines.
Earls Oil Cooler
Earls Oil Cooler with hardware kit to fit on marzocchi triple clamps as shown on motard Motovert in bikes category.
Motovert Pro Oil Cooler
For High performance engines. 10 row 175 x 45 x 35 cooling area.

Dunlop Tyres Front and Rear TT92
Front $103.00 Rear $115.00

Hi quality CNC billet brake master and clutch lever set. Fully adjustable lever position from handle bars.
Vee Rubber Motard Racing Tyres
motard tyres available in soft and medium compound. Same as used in the US by KSR NSR Racing Motorcycles. sizes 100/90/12 Front Soft compound $120.00 RRP sizes 110/90/12 Rear Medium compound $130.00 RRP sizes 120/80/12 Rear Soft compound $155.00 RRP

Heavy Duty Clutch Springs
Heavy Duty clutch springs to suit all chinese pit bike engines. clutch on main shaft
150cc Racing Engine
This engine has been built on the platform of a YX140 engine. Features are as Follows: 1. 60mm balanced stroker crank 2. 56mm hi comp Hi speed racing piston (12.2:1 com ratio) 3. Ported and modified lifan head with 28/24 dia valves and H/D racing valve springs with Z40 honda racing cam 4. Mini outer rotor and matched oil slinger 5. Heavy duty clutch springs. This engine has been tested for approx 1hr in mini motard bike. Similar engine is currently leading motord Aussie Titles. Cost to build approx $2200.00 Price does not include carby and manifold.
Billet Braking Kit
This Kit is designed to perform in high speed racing conditions. Features include a billet 4 spot caliper radial mounted and a large 220 diameter floating disc. It also features a billet fully adjustable clutch and brake master levers. Disc will fit most popular billet hubs and conical cast hub. Will not fit FYM and PitsterPro hubs. Check for fitment spigot at 76mm cross sectional hole centre for disc bolts 100mm.
XR/CRF80 Hi Performance Digital Rotor Kit
This is the newest Rotor Kit from CF Posh, specifically designed for the XR/CRF 80 engine. Comes with 4 Hi Performance Digital Ignition Maps, easily changed with toggle switches. Light weight outer rotor allows engine to achieve RPM quickly. Wiring loom is fully intergratable with OME wiring harness. Has alternator lighting coil built in if required for rec reg or junior enduro riding.
Motovert/Big50 160 Racing Engine
This engine is brand new. Internal modifications are. (1.) Lifan big port Big Valve Head (valves 24/28) (2.) Z40 Honda Racing cam (3.) Hi Speed H/D valve springs (4.) 58mm racing Hi comp piston 12.5:1 (5.) Balanced 60mm stroker crank (6.) Lightened steel oil slinger to suit mini outer rotor (7.) Barnett H/D clutch springs (8.) 26mm OME PE Keihin Carby (jetted to suit) (9.) Matched ported racing manifold (10.) oil cooler head plate
Racing Steering Dampner
Steering Dampner for MotoX and Motard. No more tank slap or head shake
New POSH Digital Super Battle Rotor Kit
Replaces OME Denso and Mitsubishi flywheel. 400gram lighter than original, 60% less rotational mass but retains good torque. Characteristics plug into OME wiring loom, for monkey bike Z50, CRF50 & XR50 to get full digital Ignition. (p/no pddr)
Posh DL Digital Rotor
New Posh DL Digital Rotor for XR80 and XR100 CDI Models The Posh Rotor replaces the STD Honda rotor. The advantage of the Posh rotor is that it is 300grams lighter total, but 50% of the rotating mass has been removed from the outer diameter. It also has a very wide band crank angle sensor in conjunction with the super battle CDI Unit. 12degrees BTDC to 50 degrees BTDC, if required over 100RPM to 13000RPM. This unit will suit all those hi performance engines used in speedway flat track and moto cross applications. For more details please enquire. (can be adapted to XR75 K4/5 Engines) with some mods. (p/no pdxr)

Rod Kits to suit XR75 K0-K3

Rod Kit to suit XR75 K4 & K5, XR80 and XR100 p/n ck1040xr

Ported for full flow. Fitted with RD racing valve springs, new valves and guides to suit XR100
$380 change over

This is a Big bore kit for an XR75 4 speed. 51.5mm flat top piston.
$220.00 change over

This is a re conditioned XR75-80 Head fitted with new parts as required.
$200.00 change over

Polished reconditioned XR75 K4-K5 and XR80 up to 1983 stator cover
$100 change over

XR75,XR80 and XR100 cylinder enhancements. Cylinders can be made to 56 and 58mm for big bore pistons for high performance engines.

Hi Performance racing piston in 50 and 51mm to suit all XR75 and XR80 pistons.

This is a 56mm piston to suit all XR75s in combination with enhanced cylinder bore

This is a 58mm piston to suit all XR75s in combination with enhanced cylinder bore

XR75 Ko-K3 full engine gasket kit. same as genuine.
Stator Assy
This is a stator assembly for all XR80 and XR100 models with CDI ignition and comes with 90watt lighting coil.

XR75 k4-k5 XR80 to 1984

XR100 all

This is a polished clutch cover for those who want to have a polished aluminium cover.
$120.00 change over

Aluminium Polished rocker cover to suit XR75, XR80 and XR100
$75.00 change over
Iridium Racing Plug
This is an 8mm IY24 Iridium racing plug to suit Kitaco 4 KLX and YX 4V heads. Also will suit racing Takagawa racing heads that have an 8mm plug hole. Includes daytona double over head cam.

Polished Clutch Cover
$120.00 change over

Polished Rocker Cover
$75.00 change over

Ported and Polished performance head knife edged to valve guides and fitted with heavy R/D valve springs.
$340.00 change over

XR75, XR80 and XR100 Kitaco high volume oil pump. May need slight mods to fit XR75 and XR80
Semi Digital Inner Rotor
Semi Digital Inner Rotor Style to suit XR75 K4-K5 and all XR,CRF 80s This ignition system is a light weight rotor which will allow the engine to rev and inhances performance engines. It needs to be adjusted for initial timing and will advance digitally about 8 degrees. Comes complete with all necessary parts to run. Will need a CDI ignition coil for XR75 and some XR80 point style engines.
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