22mm Race Carby Mikuni Racing carburetor.

This carby suits 88cc big bores with ultra heads and big cams

Mikuni 28mm Flat slide style carby best suited for Big Bore high performance engines where top end revs are reached quickly.

This Mikuni 24mm Flat Slide style carby delivers mid to top end power for 110 to 125cc 4 stroke motors.

Genuine PE26 Keihin carby and manifold kit for big bore engines.

Mikuni 28mm flat slide Carby kit and manifold to suit super big bore engines.

20mm carby great for Big bore

50's and 70's.

Carburetor Reco Kit to suit Honda Z50R, SL70, XR75 K0-K5,

and all XR80's

Uni Filters for all  size carburetors.