Semi Digital Inner Rotor Style to suit XR75 K4-K5 and and all XR, CRF 80's.  This ignition system is a light weight rotor which will allow the engine to rev and enhance performance engines.  It needs to be adjusted for initial timing and will advance digitally about 8 degrees. Comes complete with all necessary parts to run.  Will need a CDI ignition coil for XR75 and some XR80 point style engines.

Super Battle Racing Semi Digital CDI Unit.  Has 6 pre-programmed advancing settings for Hi Performance engines. Will suit Honda and Chinese wiring looms with link cable adaptor.

Stator assembly for all XR80 and XR100 models with CDI ignition and comes with 90 watt lighting coil.

New Posh DL Digital Rotor for XR80 and XR100 CDI models. The posh rotor replaces the STD Honda rotor.  The advantage of the posh rotor is that it is 300 grams lighter in total but 50% for the rotating mass have been removed from the outer diameter.  It also has a very wide band crank angle sensor in conjunction with the super battle CDI unit.  12 degrees BTDC to 50 degrees BTDC, if required over 100RPM to 13000RPM.  This unit will suit all those hi performance engines used in speedway flat track and motocross applications. (can be adapted to XR75 K4/5engines) with some mods.

New Digital Ignition Rotor System now available.  Suit all chinese engines. Based on honda crank spindle including CDI honda engines. Now you are able to get the full benefits of your mechanical enhancements with this ignition system.  4 performance maps are programmed onto a powerful CPU which can be simply selected by flicking a switch.  Other super hi performance maps are available or your own maps can be provided if required. Technical information provided by us.

This is the newest Rotor Kit from CF Posh, specifically designed for the XR/CRF 80 engines. Comes with 4 Hi Performance Digital Ignition maps, easily changed with toggle switches.  Light weight outer rotor allows engine to achieve RPM quickly.  Wiring loom is fully interpretable with OME wiring harness.  Has alternator lighting coil built in if required for rec reg or junior enduro riding.

This Posh Digital Super Battle Rotor Kit replaces OME Denso and Mitsubishi flywheel.  400 grams lighter than original, 60% less rotational mass but retains good torque. Characteristics plug into OME wiring loom, for monkey bike Z50, CRF50 & XR50 to get full digital Ignition.

Replacement flywheel and stator plate assembly for all CT70, SL70, X50R and Z50J motors.

Added bonus advance and retard flywheel.

Replacement stator coil for all points model Honda engines.

Suits XR75, XR80, CT70, SL70, Z50J, Z50R and etc.

High Voltage Racing CDI coil increases spark accuracy and intensity at high R.P.M.  Allow quicker burn time which will increase max H.P.

Kill Switch to suit XR70, XR80 and XR100.

Rear Break Light Switch to suit

Honda CT70, SL70, ST90 and XL75.

CDI Ignition coil to suit XR50, XR70, XR80 and XR100.

Ignition Coil 6V point type to suit XR75, XR80, XR100, SL70 and CT70.

This is an 8mm IY24 Iridium racing plug to suit Kitaco 4 KLX and YX 4V heads.  Also will suit racing Takagawa racing heads that have an 8mm plug hole.

Includes Daytona double overhead cam.

New Hi Performance inner rotor kit to suit all XR/CRF100 engines.  Light weight Semi Digital Rotor

inhances engine reviving ability but some initial timing may be required and a CDI ignition coil will be needed for old points engines.

New Hi Performance XR/CRF100 outer Digital Rotor Kit.  This is a complete replacement kit for all 100cc engines.  No initial timing required.  Single program CDI unit is supplied.   Only a CDI ignition coil will be required for older points engines.

New Hi Performance XR75 K4/K5 and all XR/CRF80 outer digitalrotor kit.

This kit replaces old ignition system and no initial timing required.  Single programe CDI unit is supplied.  A CDI ignition coil will be required for earlier point engines.

XR/CRF 100 Hi Performance Rotor Kit plug and play.  Ring or email for more information.

Resister Spark Plug Cap

Breaker Points to suit XR50, SL70, CT70, XR75, XR80, XR100 with points ignition.

C6HSA, Z-6 Suit all models Z50, XR50, SL,CT and XR70, XR75, XR80 and XR100, U22FS ZU Platinum Tipped Race plug suit Hi Comp Race Engines all Models, IUF22 for super performance race engines on race fuels